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It is located northeast of Colorado Springs in Falcon, Colorado.The Falcon area has been the fastest growing area outside the Colorado Springs city limits over the past ten years.It is a newer community set on the rolling grasslands that characterize eastern Colorado, with plenty of native cottonwood and aspen trees.Custom homes are available, and the neighborhood is surrounded by miles of open space.There are great views of Pikes Peak and the front range mountains.Falcon Hills Woodmen Hills is located in Falcon Colorado, and is just a few miles east of Colorado Springs.The Sheriff’s Office may request footage containing, or related to, criminal activity for use as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding.The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) is the central police department for the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We encourage businesses and residents to register with the Sheriff’s Office any security cameras that view and record public areas in the county.Woodmen Hills is one of three major housing developments located in Falcon.Video cameras are one of the best methods for detecting and apprehending criminals.Working together, we can make El Paso County a safer place to live and do business.Property owners who register a security camera would only be contacted by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office if a criminal incident takes place in the vicinity of that camera.

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